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Flexible dedupe of The Raiser’s Edge database with IDLookup Dedupe

We are really pleased to announce IDLookup Dedupe. You can now take the power of IDLookup and apply it to the whole or part of your database. We have known for a while now that many IDLookup users dedupe their database with IDLookup. They export their whole database to Excel and then run IDLookup through it. Now the process got a whole lot simpler. Just select a query of records to dedupe (you can set up the query to run over the whole database) select your criteria sets, select your custom output fields and press start. Depending on the size of your database and the number of criteria sets IDLookup Dedupe will produce an output file of duplicate records in no time, ok it will probably take a while but it will be worth it!

The output format is then able to feed straight into The Mergician so that you can global merge records based on your duplicate file.

Not so that those who use The Mergician feel left out, we have also added the custom output format to The Mergician too. You can now add almost any field on the constituent record to the output and compare each record on a separate row.

IDLookup  is an extra module for IDLookup at no extra cost to those on maintenance.

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IDLookup Search

I am really excited to release this new version of IDLookup which contains a major new component: IDLookup Search. This allows users to bring the power of IDLookup into day-to-day searching, with a large variety of search fields for looking up constituents on the fly (including those organisations who have yet to upgrade to RE7.92). It also lets you have complete control over your search results using IDLookup’s powerful criteria sets so you can decide how tight your search should be and tweak results based on your business rules.

We think that the new search functionality in 7.92 is really good. We also know that there are some people who have complained that they are not able to control exactly how records are searched. Also there are a load of organizations that, for whatever reason, are unable to upgrade currently to 7.92. This solution gives them the power of IDLookup but for day to day searches.

Check out the screencast for a better overview of how it works.

Looking up a constituent

Whenever I write a bespoke customisation for a client that needs to look up a constituent based on some biographical information I normally use the functionality available behind the scenes in IDLookup. If you are unfamiliar with IDLookup, it allows users to feed in an Excel or CSV file of names, addresses, aliases, attributes and all sorts of biographical information. Then based on criteria that you define, it will look to see if one or more constituents already exist in The Raiser’s Edge. I use much of the look-up functionality in other projects simply because Blackbaud chose not to make this functionality easily available. There is no back-end interface to their regular constituent look-up screen which is a real shame. The nearest feature is the IBBRecordFinder interface.

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Installing a plug-in more manually than previously

I have covered this a couple of time before (hence the more and more obscure title) in various posts; here and here but I have been preparing IDLookup for install on Blackbaud’s OnDemand hosting service. Among several requirements is the fact that you have to install the plug-ins manually and not through an installer.

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Integrating Raiser’s Edge with non-Blackbaud Products

A lot of the work that I do involves the integration of third party products with The Raiser’s Edge. It is not always right to develop a custom application to perform this integration. There are many factors including the volume of data transfer, the complexity of data, how quickly the data needs to be integrated and of course what budget is available. This article attempts to outline the options available to Raiser’s Edge managers who need to integrate with non-Blackbaud products.

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Screencast of IDLookup for looking up online donations

This screencast of IDLookup shows you how perform a lookup based on data coming in from an online donation page. The data is downloaded from the website without constituent ids. We run IDLookup and find several matches. We are now able to import the data into The Raiser’s Edge with existing constituent information being updated and new constituents being created.

For more information about IDLookup or to download a fully working version (tied to the sample database) visit the IDLookup download page.

Latest IDLookup Release

Zeidman Development are excited to announce the release of IDLookup 2.0.

It has been totally rewritten to give it a new look and feel but that is the least of it. The new version includes:

  • Instead of just one set of criteria you can have many. The plug-in will try to match against each criteria set until it finds either a unique match or the match with the fewest multiples. Save your criteria sets for later use.
  • Review multiple matches more easily. The multiples are now cross referenced to another worksheet in Excel so you can see the values from Raiser’s Edge and compare them to values in the file
  • Match last or organisation name on aliases
  • Match on date of birth.
  • Address equivalents are now customizable from within IDLookup in a new easier to use interface
  • User interface is localized for UK, US and for Canadian English language

And what is more Zeidman Development is keeping its pledge and making this latest upgrade to our existing users absolutely free.

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IDLookup – A new version

I am pleased to announce the release of IDLookup version 1.1.5. This is just an incremental upgrade with the small additions of support for searching by title and by gender.

As always if you already own a copy of IDLookup then follow this link to download the new version. Use the same serial number if prompted.

If you do not own a copy then why not download a trial version at Zeidman Development. And now for a limited time only (thanks to Her Majesty’s government) UK buyers can get the reduced VAT rate! If you are buying from outside of the UK then take advantage of the low exchange rate. Due to the exchange rate the US dollar equivalent price is now 27% lower than it was four weeks ago!

Lookup by constituent system id – a new free plugin

There was a post on Blackbus recently where a Raiser’s Edge user was having trouble mapping the output of a third party system to RE. The other system had the constituent system id and did not have the import id or the constituent ids so importing the data directly into RE was proving to be a problem. It would also be difficult to do any kind of lookup natively in RE unless it was done manually through a query.

I suggested that this was a straight forward solution if you were to write a plugin. In fact I felt that it was so straight forward that I would just write it. So here it is a new plugin that takes a system constituent id and outputs the constituent and import ids appending them to a copy of the input file.

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Latest version of IDLookup

Zeidman Development is pleased to announce the latest release of IDLookup. With this latest release (version 1.1.4) we bring you some exciting additions:

  • Use your search criteria against a spouse record.
  • Previously we introduced address equivalents (a match against “1 High Street” would also match “1 High St”, or “1 High St.”). In this latest release we allow you to customize the address equivalents list so that you can add new equivalents and change existing ones.
  • A user guide. (a long sought after addition)

If you have not checked out IDLookup for a while then there are many new features including:

  • Matching on the first few characters of fields
  • Making your search accent insensitive (e.g. côté matches against côte, coté and cote)
  • Matching on maiden name
  • Filtering the results on specific constituent codes or constituent attributes.

If you already own a full license of IDLookup then download this latest version now for free. Otherwise download a full working version of IDLookup (restricted to the sample database)

If you need any help installing IDLookup, wish to purchase it or have any feedback then please do not hesitate to contact us