Latest IDLookup Release

Zeidman Development are excited to announce the release of IDLookup 2.0.

It has been totally rewritten to give it a new look and feel but that is the least of it. The new version includes:

  • Instead of just one set of criteria you can have many. The plug-in will try to match against each criteria set until it finds either a unique match or the match with the fewest multiples. Save your criteria sets for later use.
  • Review multiple matches more easily. The multiples are now cross referenced to another worksheet in Excel so you can see the values from Raiser’s Edge and compare them to values in the file
  • Match last or organisation name on aliases
  • Match on date of birth.
  • Address equivalents are now customizable from within IDLookup in a new easier to use interface
  • User interface is localized for UK, US and for Canadian English language

And what is more Zeidman Development is keeping its pledge and making this latest upgrade to our existing users absolutely free.

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2 thoughts on “Latest IDLookup Release

  1. David,

    We have your latest version of IDlookup and overall its very good. However I’m wondering if you can comment a bit on its performance/speed.

    Recently I used it to duplicate check an excel file of 15,000 records. I mapped First Name, Last Name, Zip, and Addresslines. In the criteria i specified to use all characters of each field. While it was processing the file, i noted various times and the record it was processing. I then used that info to calculate the speed it was processing at (below)

    TIME Records Ave Records Per Min
    9:12 0(start) 0
    10:05 5470 103.2075472
    10:18 6450 75.38461538
    10:44 8275 70.19230769
    11:03 9454 62.05263158

    As you can see, the longer/more records idlookup processes, the slower it gets.

    Even with what I consider a fast computer with a lot of ram, i still cannot duplicate check more than ~10k-15k due to this slow down.

    Can you give any suggestions on how to speed up this process?

  2. Zack,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. With the new version the whole environment changed and while I cannot comment on exactly what is going on here I will certainly look into it.


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