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Bank Checking Software Compared

I have been working with different bank checking software. Blackbaud Europe have written a plug-in for The Raiser’s Edge to update the bank record data such as the name and branch of the bank as well as the address based on the sort code. We recently developed a plug-in that processed the direct debit returns and unpaids from BACS and update the recurring gifts accordingly. In some cases a new bank would need to be created. I was asked to integrate the plug-in with their Blackbaud written plug-in.

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Bank Validation for Blackbaud Enterprise CRM

Zeidman Development are pleased to announce a new customisation for Blackbaud Enterprise CRM. The bank validation customisation validates UK financial institutions and constituent accounts. For the financial institutions the branch name and address will also be updated. For the constituent accounts the account will be flagged as whether it is valid for direct debit processes. The customisation introduces the ability to query on constituent accounts and in doing so allows for them to be globally validated.

As this is on the Infinity platform it will most likely work for Raiser’s Edge 8 when it is released.

Check out the video at the link below for more details:


Top Plug-ins of 2008

A few days shy of the end of the year, I hearby present to you the top visited plugins of 2008 (unless of course there is a sudden rush on any of them before midnight in which case the list will be adjusted accordingly). This list is based on the top number of clicks through to the more information about each plug-in supplied by each plug-in author.

Audit Trail
Blackbaud NetCommunity Integration
Bank Checker Solution
Clear Invalid Spouse IDs
Constituent Document Linker
Code Insert Custom Part
Convio DataSync Connector RE
ID Lookup
Action Reminder Updater

Thank you to all that have added to the directory during the year and to those that have rated the plug-ins.

VBA User Fields in Export

In export for a recurring gift it is not possible to pull out the bank details specific to that gift. You can only pull the name of the bank or all the banks on the constituent’s record. It is not possible to pull the account number and sort code. This is really important when there are bank issues with recurring gifts that need to be sorted out.

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Newly added plugins

Thank you Steve Best for the following five new entries to the plugin directory. If there are any more that have been missed any then feel free to add them. Thank you to all those who have added over the past months.

  • CanadianUpdateRE
  • Fix for Missing Schedule Starting On Date
  • Fix Constituent Notepads Actual Notes
  • Fix Dupe Primary Banks
  • Fix Appeals For Delete
  • Cannot find the plugin that you are looking for? Get in contact with us and find out how we can make your Raiser’s Edge processes more efficient and make savings in both time and money.

    Top Plugins in November

    Here are the most popular plugins for the month of November from the plugin directory. This is based on the click through for more information link.

    1. Audit Trail
    2. Action Reminder Updater
    3. Convio DataSync Connector RE
    4. Blackbaud NetCommunity Integration
    5. Constituent Document Linker
    6. Bank Checker Solution
    7. Create Preferred Address
    8. Alternate Address Deleter
    9. AFP
    10. Custom Reports

    Cannot find the plugin that you are looking for? Get in contact with us and find out how we can make your Raiser’s Edge processes more efficient and make savings in both time and money.

    Sometimes the API is just not enough

    Sometimes I cannot quite get want I want from Raiser’s Edge using the API. Or if I can it is very slow to get the information. For example when you get a collection of top level records, say constituents, there are filter objects which work well, you can also use the custom where clause which works when there is not a filter parameter. However what do you do when you want a combination of different areas of The Raiser’s Edge all combined into one selection.

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