Latest version of IDLookup

Zeidman Development is pleased to announce the latest release of IDLookup. With this latest release (version 1.1.4) we bring you some exciting additions:

  • Use your search criteria against a spouse record.
  • Previously we introduced address equivalents (a match against “1 High Street” would also match “1 High St”, or “1 High St.”). In this latest release we allow you to customize the address equivalents list so that you can add new equivalents and change existing ones.
  • A user guide. (a long sought after addition)

If you have not checked out IDLookup for a while then there are many new features including:

  • Matching on the first few characters of fields
  • Making your search accent insensitive (e.g. côté matches against côte, coté and cote)
  • Matching on maiden name
  • Filtering the results on specific constituent codes or constituent attributes.

If you already own a full license of IDLookup then download this latest version now for free. Otherwise download a full working version of IDLookup (restricted to the sample database)

If you need any help installing IDLookup, wish to purchase it or have any feedback then please do not hesitate to contact us