Screencast of IDLookup for looking up online donations

This screencast of IDLookup shows you how perform a lookup based on data coming in from an online donation page. The data is downloaded from the website without constituent ids. We run IDLookup and find several matches. We are now able to import the data into The Raiser’s Edge with existing constituent information being updated and new constituents being created.

For more information about IDLookup or to download a fully working version (tied to the sample database) visit the IDLookup download page.

2 thoughts on “Screencast of IDLookup for looking up online donations

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  2. Hi David:

    I read your posts all the time on the BUS. I am interested in obtaining this plug in. Chadwick School is an independent day school for grades K-12. We are moving to a new website (Finalsite)and I would like to download data for existing alumni as well as occasional new “did not graduate: alumns that visit our site. Biographical data as well as online giving data.

    We have also changed to a completely online enrollment application process (which was not very well thought out). I will need to download new parent information and relationship data for import as well as update existing parent data. The business office uses Senior Systems and the will be collecting the parent data through a portal through Senior Systems. This information may or may not be associated with an online giving page. Would your plug-in be able to handle this?

    If not – how much would something like this cost?

    You can reach me at the above stated email address or by phone at 310-377-1543 Ext. 4047. We are located in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90247 USA.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    P.S. The website that is still active is the website we are phasing out.

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