Audit Trail for The Raiser’s Edge – A new customisation (free too)

Zeidman Development are pleased to announce the release (well re-release) of our Audit Trail customisation. The Audit Trail tracks changes made to records on The Raiser’s Edge. The three versions come in varying degrees of complexity.

Audit Trail Free – tracks constituent deletions and reports them to a log file

Audit Trail Basic – tracks constituent deletions, additions and updates and records them in a table that can be reported on, filter by, sliced and diced etc

Audit Trail Professional – does all of the above but also tracks gifts, relationships, actions and participants.

All three versions tell you who made the change and when. They also tell you the previous values and the updated values.

Audit Trail no longer requires the VBA module – so the free version is truly free!

Check out an overview video. Warning –  it’s cute.

For more information including a breakdown in the differences between the versions and to download Audit Trail check out the product page on our website

3 thoughts on “Audit Trail for The Raiser’s Edge – A new customisation (free too)

  1. Greetings – I have just stumbled across this site- Brilliant!

    In the above you mention that the audit trail is tracked (presumably stored in a table ) – where would that sort of thing be housed ? Within the RE Database, as table in another database in the server ?

    Just curious – thanks

  2. John,

    Thanks for your compliments!

    In Audit Trail Free the changes are stored in log files that you set up so that everybody using it has to have access to that file.

    With the Basic and Professional versions the data is stored in the RE database in a separate table.


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