Infinity platform Workflow on Blackbaud Enterprise CRM

I have just finished Paul Gibson’s Workflow workthrough. At the two Blackbaud conferences I attended recently there was much fan fair about Workflow and how it will blow our minds away. Having just started to look at it in some depth, why were they understating this technology implementation! This did more than blow my mind away. The potential is very clear. All of a sudden very complicated applications can be created without the need to write a single line of code. Move over SSIS and bring on Workflow.

What this space for some more customizations in the future using Workflow.

2 thoughts on “Infinity platform Workflow on Blackbaud Enterprise CRM

  1. Just checked it out, and it looks great! I was wondering if Blackbaud would be providing any custom Workflow components to add in to your existing workflow applications, in order to allow your existing applications to interface with Infinity better.

  2. Essentially every feature that is available on the Infinity platform is a workflow component. I think that what will see happening is Blackbaud releasing new features as workflows. That way individual organisations can customise them more easily for their own business rules.

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