The Raiser’s Edge Integrated with HubSpot… A series of case studies (3)

Our integration with HubSpot came about because they thought it would be a great idea. Well who wouldn’t think it a good idea to integrate with The Raiser’s Edge. HubSpot said that they had a number clients who use both systems and being able to transfer data from HubSpot back into The Raiser’s Edge would make both systems work better together.

The project came about just after the release of Chimpegration, the integration of The Raiser’s Edge and MailChimp and we felt that HubSpot’s inbound marketing expertise was a nice compliment to the outbound marketing of MailChimp.

The application took the organisation’s leads and generated contacts and brought them into RE. It would also bring in other metrics that showed the source of the lead as well as other HubSpot specific fields. Of course bring in the data is one thing but ensuring that they do not already exist is another. Making using of our IDLookup record finder engine the integration ensures that new leads are truly new whereas existing constituents are updated (should that be the option in the settings). All constituents new or existing can have constituent codes, aliases or attributes added to their record depending on the user configuration.

HubSpot make use of a REST interface and there are a number of wrappers in different languages that cover the API. What is more there is a very useful live documentation. This means that you can see sample calls, edit them and see different results depending on what you have entered. All of this makes for a easier learning curve .

They also have a marketplace highlighting the various apps including our own  or for information from our own website you can see the HubSpot Raiser’s Edge integration page.