Contactegration – An Integration between The Raiser’s Edge and Constant Contact

We are really excited to release Contactegration. Ever since we released Chimpegration we have been bombarded with people asking us to integrate other email packages. One of the most common requests was between The Raisers Edge and Constant Contact.

The functionality is similar to Chimpegration but not exactly the same. The two APIs differ somewhat so it was difficult to reproduce exactly the same functionality. However we are very close. You can export your email addresses and merge variables to Constant Contact and you can manage the bounced emails, the unsubscribes and everyone that the email was sent to so that you update the constituent record in the same way.

One new piece of functionality that came to Chimpegration with the release of Contactegration was the ability in both applications to remove subscribers who were not part of a particular query. This is perfect for membership organisations that steer their lists from RE and want to remove subscribers who are no longer have a particular membership.

Unfortunately we are also not able to offer a free version of Contactegation. This was something we were hoping to be able to do but for reasons beyond our control we are not able to do so.

If you are interested then take Contactegration for a test drive and let us know what you think.