Introducing Chimpegration Cloud for Raiser’s Edge NXT

When NXT was announced at BBCon 2014 there was some initial confusion as to what it would mean for Raiser’s Edge users. I have to be honest, at the time I was underwhelmed. I could see the logic of moving gradually to the cloud but it wasn’t exciting. As the years have gone by and NXT has matured and developed I have begun to see the benefits.

Of course DBAs still spend a lot of time in the traditional database view and there is a lot of impatience for NXT to catch up so that the web view goodness is delivered to those who are heavily involved with Raiser’s Edge.

As developers we have had high hopes for the web based API. All of a sudden we could break out of the plugins area and develop Chimpegration’s potential.

Chimpegration Cloud follows a similar pattern to Raiser’s Edge NXT. Some features are found in the database view plugin and also found in the web Cloud version. However where Chimpegration Cloud shines is with the new possibilities available.

Up until now it has only been possible to schedule processes with on-premise installations of Chimpegration. As standard, it is now possible to collect bounces, unsubscribes, opens, clicks and more on a regular basis. Set it up and let it run. Have it run at night so that the results are ready for when you arrive in the office in the morning. Or sit with your coffee and be mesmerised as the number of processed records increases.

Q. What could be better than scheduling a process?
(That was a rhetorical question I wasn’t expecting anybody to put their hand up)

A. Real-time processing. What does that mean? Simple. You set up an action so that as soon as a constituent subscribes, bounces or unsubscribes it feeds directly into RE!

This is just the beginning. Chimpegration Cloud is waiting for the SKY API to catch up! We want to offer exports (the functionality is in place for Altru and BBCRM so come on SKY API team give us data export!) and we are working on import.

We are the masters of our own destiny servers. This means that if we see that processing is going slowly we can ramp up the power. You no longer have to share your Chimpegration processing power with others.

If you are interested (and who wouldn’t be if you have managed to read this far) then why not take a two week trial or get in touch to ask us a question.