Introducing Chimpegration Cloud for Altru

Do you use Mailchimp? Or even if you use another email marketing tool what is your process?

After writing and rewriting the text, designing and redesigning the layout, adding graphics, seeking feedback and finally sending out one of the greatest appeals you have ever done, you wait for the responses.

Of course the best type of response is the donations that come flooding in but the other kind, the ones that count towards determining your constituent segments and who to target in the future, also arrive. Every bounce, unsubscribe, open and click helps you to work out who is going to become that next major donor and who does not want to hear from you again (maybe your choice of dancing cats in the appeal email should be revisited the next time around!)

You pull up a report in Mailchimp and painstakingly update Altru with those unsubscribes and bounces; do you really have time to add the numerous clicks too?

With Chimpegration Cloud, you set up your process to retrieve different results. Track your opens and clicks by adding interactions. Mark your constituents as ‘do not contact’ or add an attribute if they unsubscribe. Set the email to an invalid email address for bounces or go crazy and do any combination of the above.

You can also export your records to Mailchimp to start with. Set up a query and push the constituents out to Mailchimp.

You can do all of this as a one off or you can set up a schedule so that it runs at night with everything ready for you when you walk through the office door the next day.

Q. What could be better than scheduling a process?

(That was a rhetorical question I wasn’t expecting anybody to put their hand up.)

A. Real-time processing. What does that mean? Simple. You set up an action so that as soon as a constituent subscribes, bounces or unsubscribes it feeds directly into Altru!

This is just the beginning. We are constantly updating the application and adding new features. Look out for import soon.

If you are interested (and who wouldn’t be if you have managed to read this far) then why not take a two week trial or get in touch to ask us a question.