Importacular Arrives on Blackbaud Hosting

When we released Importacular almost a year ago we broke the mould in how Raiser’s Edge importing tools worked.

Before that time it was:

  1. Export the data Eventbrite/Crowdrise/Classy/JustGiving/etc  ensuring that you export only the data you need from the last time you ran the process
  2. Try to remember where you saved the file
  3. Pick up the file
  4. Map the values from one very long list of Raiser’s Edge fields
  5. Import the data (fingers crossed)
  6. Map a second time to do another pass because not everything can be imported in one go.
  7. Panic because you still have to justify cost to your boss / the board

With Importacular:

  1. Pick the data source Eventbrite/Crowdrise/Classy/JustGiving/etc
  2. Set up your mapping conveniently split up into areas making importing constituents, relationships, relationships of those relationships, education records of those constituents with gifts (actually any number of layers of constituent relationships with their child records) surprisingly easy
  3. Import the data (once)
  4. Tell the board how you are going to spend all the extra money that you saved

The first year was a whirlwind.

It started with Eventbrite and Graduway, moved on to Hubspot, Constant Contact, Formstack, SurveyMonkey, Justgiving, WeDidIt, VineUp, Crowdrise and most recently DotMailer, Adestra, Classy, iSAMS and to come Almabase. (We shouldn’t forget the humble CSV and Excel file too)

With the ability to import on to constituent records and gift records entirely for free, we added relationships, education, actions, banks and financial accounts, participants, prospects and proposals, solicitors/canvassers and volunteers.

When we added the ability to schedule imports that left one gaping hole in the product that was ready to be filled.

When would it be available for Blackbaud hosted organisations and those that wish to move to NXT?

It took a while but we are really excited that Importacular is now available to all Raiser’s Edge users wherever they work.

If you would like to try an import then get in contact. Even if you are using another product give Importacular a go. It is, after all free to import on to constituents and gifts so what do you have to lose?

If you are hosted by blackbaud then request a trial

If you are self-hosted go ahead and download Importacular and get started for free: