Download The Raiser’s Edge for Free…

Well that is what many visitors to this site and (especially the downloads area) seem to think. When I look at my stats and see the various visitors to my site almost every day I get somebody who is looking for The Raiser’s Edge and looking to download it for free. What is surprising is that these requests, mainly via Google, come not only from US and UK but from all over the world. I really never knew that there was such interest in The Raiser’s Edge in such far away places as Latvia, Turkey, Australia, Iran, India, Bolivia, Pakistan and Thailand to name just a few. Of some of the more obscure searches that lead people to my sites include:

  • comparison convio netcommunity
  • force uninstall of Raiser’s Edge
  • where are the queries stored Raiser’s Edge
  • what is constituent in raisers edge
  • raisers edge more:for_techies
  • cannot open blackbaud management console SQL
  • and my favourite:

  • raiser’s window cleaner
  • And some more common ones…

  • cost of raiser’s Edge – alternatively:
  • cost of razors edge
  • learn raiser’s edge
  • Despite all this there are very many serious requests for information about The Raiser’s Edge API and it I am genuinely glad to have been of help.
    If you do want to some Blackbaud software for free why not try BlackbaudNow or ETapestry?

    8 thoughts on “Download The Raiser’s Edge for Free…

    1. Was looking for a sample to see what was involved with learning the software. Nothing is for free but I was hoping to get an interactive demo to evaluate how much education this application requires. ETapestry isn’t quite what we had in mind

    2. That is exactly it – I just wanted a demo to be able to have a bit of a play and have a look at the interface, and am disappointed that I cannot find a demo – the one on their site is stupid! That’s not a demo, that’s an ad.

    3. I think that you are both right. There should be some facility to try out the software. It really should not be that hard to do. I mean Blackbaud have their own hosting so they should be able to easily set up a login for looking at. The database could be restored every night so that it does not get in a bad state.

    4. Generally BB has a monoply on this. There is no competition out there, so they can do whatever they want.

    5. I stumbled upon this while looking for free RE download as the article mentions!. Even though I knew its not available I was trying out my luck. I know RE very well, have years of experience working on RE and fundraising sector and many people ask me about training them on RE. But since I currently dont have RE subscription(and its expensive due to its monopoly)I cant train them. I wish I could magically download it from somewhere!

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