Gift Type IDs – A Reference

A while ago I wrote an article about filtering on gifts. I find myself regularly having to reference the knowledgebase link which itself links to an Access database file. Here is a snippet from that other article.

A word on the GiftTypes filter. Here you can filter on cash, pay-cash, pledge, etc. However this is not simply the text but rather an id that the type refers to. This too is not well documented. There is a link in the knowledgebase (…r=0&id=BB17413) that gives this information or it can be derived by looking at the SQL or a query.
For example:

oFilter.GiftTypes.Add 1, "Cash" oFilter.GiftTypes.Add 2, "Pay-Cash"

I got somewhat tired of having to download that mdb file each time and some of the gift types stuck, many I forget. So here is the list (mainly for my own reference but for the benefit of anyone else who needs this list):

Gift Types ID Description
1 Cash
2 Pay-Cash
3 MG Pay-Cash
4 Covenant Payment
8 Pledge
9 Stock
10 Stock (Sold)
11 Pay-Stock
12 MG Pay-Stock
13 Pay-Stock (Sold)
14 MG Pay-Stock (Sold)
15 Gift In Kind
16 Pay-Gift In Kind
17 MG Pay-Gift In Kind
18 Other
19 Pay-Other
20 MG Pay-Other
21 Write Off
22 MG Write Off
24 Net Covenant
25 Gross Covenant
26 Deposited Convenant
27 MG Pledge
28 Adjustment
29 Covenant Write Off
30 Recurring Gift
31 Recurring Pay-Cash
32 GL Reversal
33 Amendment
34 Planned Gift

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