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Beyond Nines hosting becomes Concourse Hosting

We have been working with Glen at Beyond Nines for years now and just heard about how the hosting part of Beyond Nines is now becoming Concourse Hosting. At Beyond Nines Glen, Lisa and the team were the only dedicated company to host our products for their Raiser’s Edge clients. We have hopefully tried to make installing our products as easy as possible but we also know that sometimes it requires a skilled hand to get them to work in complex IT environments. That is why we know that we can rely on Concourse Hosting who just know how our plug-ins work and how to ensure that they run smoothly in their Raiser’s Edge setup. They currently host clients of ours using Audit Trail, Chimpegration, Importacular and The Mergician to name but a few.

For very many years now we had hoped that Blackbaud would let us into their hosting. With the move to NXT and away from the hosting of RE Classic customizations this is looking ever doubtful. However if you want the best of breed hosting and great products certainly take a look at Concourse:  https://www.concoursehost.com/

Validatrix – Complex Business Rules with ease for The Raiser’s Edge

I am really pleased to announce that we have released our latest plugin – Validatrix. (Or jump to the fancy animation). It always bothered me how so many business rules built into The Raiser’s Edge were arbitrary. You have to supply a surname but not an email address. You have to give a gift amount and date but not specify which segment it belonged to when given (as some organisations would do by adding an attribute).  It maybe that somebody is a VIP because they give over a certain amount of money or because they are a specific type of prospect or because they attended a VIP dinner. You cannot enforce these rules in The Raiser’s Edge as is. You can, however, with Validatrix.

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Chimpegration shortlisted for a Digital Fundraising Award – Vote for us

Chimpegration, our plug-in that integrates Blackbaud’s The Raiser’s Edge and MailChimp has been shortlisted for a Digital Fundraising Award. We are really excited about this. So many organisations are using both The Raiser’s Edge and MailChimp and can now integrate the two for free with Chimpegration.

Vote now and tell all your friends and colleagues to vote too for Chimpegration!


Zeidman Development Customization Directory Update

Following Blackbaud’s site update (and possible before that) we noticed all the links to Blackbaud customizations in their knowledgebase broke. We are pleased to let you  know that these have now been fixed. If you spot any errors or omissions from the customization directory then please feel free to contact us and we hope to rectify the error.

You can check out our customization directory on Zeidman.info. While you are there if you have used a customization then tell others about your experience.


New website coming soon

Our new website is coming soon. Over on the main Zeidman Development site there are big changes going on behind the scenes. I like the look of our existing site. It is clean and simple. However it does look a bit early 2000s so we felt it was time for a freshen up.

We looked into a CMS but we are far too hardcore for that so we just went and built everything from scratch. Almost everything you will see on the website is down to our coding skills (hopefully I am doing ourselves justice here).

I was never very satisfied with the way in which you always had to “register” each time you wanted to download a plug-in. Well now you will only have to register once and can log into your account to download instead. What is more you will be able to see your download history, and see if you have the latest version of a plug-in or if there is a new one to be downloaded. If you have purchased a licence for a product then you will see your licence and maintenance details.

Everyone who has previously registered on the site has an account. You will need to reset your password in order to log in for the first time.

Don’t rush over as we are not going live until we are satisfied that everything is ready! (hopefully towards the beginning of next week).