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Flexible dedupe of The Raiser’s Edge database with IDLookup Dedupe

We are really pleased to announce IDLookup Dedupe. You can now take the power of IDLookup and apply it to the whole or part of your database. We have known for a while now that many IDLookup users dedupe their database with IDLookup. They export their whole database to Excel and then run IDLookup through it. Now the process got a whole lot simpler. Just select a query of records to dedupe (you can set up the query to run over the whole database) select your criteria sets, select your custom output fields and press start. Depending on the size of your database and the number of criteria sets IDLookup Dedupe will produce an output file of duplicate records in no time, ok it will probably take a while but it will be worth it!

The output format is then able to feed straight into The Mergician so that you can global merge records based on your duplicate file.

Not so that those who use The Mergician feel left out, we have also added the custom output format to The Mergician too. You can now add almost any field on the constituent record to the output and compare each record on a separate row.

IDLookup  is an extra module for IDLookup at no extra cost to those on maintenance.

Check out IDLookup

Check out The Mergician


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