Adding a primary constituent code

A SKY API task that is common but not obvious is adding a primary constituent code to a constituent record.

I say that it is not obvious because adding a first constituent code automatically makes it the primary. However adding a second does not change the first.

One way of doing it to remove the existing constituent code and add the second one followed by what was the first one. This is a highly unsatisfactory workaround.

The solution lies with the ‘sequence’ field. When creating your constituent code, set this value to 1 and this code becomes the primary.

Here is a sample payload :

  "constituent_id": "11278",
  "description": "Volunteer",
  "end": { "d": 13, "m": 11, "y": 2023 },
  "start": { "d": 12, "m": 01, "y": 2022 },
  "sequence": 1

This will put this constituent code at the top of the list and it will become the primary.

As an aside, working with constituent codes, it would seem possible to PATCH a constituent code description. After all you supply the id for the code, it seems reasonable then that you could simply change the code description. However, this is not possible. You do not get any kind of error message. Indeed the response is that everything has worked as expected. (but no change of code value)