What is the difference between Chimpegration and Online Express?

What is the difference between Chimpegration and Online Express?

We are big Blackbaud fans and love much of what Blackbaud produces. Online Express is no exception. The fact that there is one application that can ask for donations, handle event registrations, manage memberships as well as allowing you to send out targeted and personalised emails is amazing. What is even better is that it does so with a complete integration into The Raiser’s Edge. – WOW!

At this point you may be wondering what the point of this post is. Well we are occasionally asked “Which is better Chimpegration or Online Express?” How can anybody begin to answer this? There is no comparison (not because one is better than the other) but because they are completely different types of applications serving different purposes.


Chimpegration only works with MailChimp. It only works with email marketing through MailChimp. When we first released Chimpegration, MailChimp told us that it was one of the most advanced syncing applications they had come across for Mailchimp (and that was a number of years ago before we added so many more features).


Online Express covers a number of entirely different areas. It manages donations, it handles event registrations and it has a good understanding of memberships.

At the same time if your organization has the requirements for sophisticated email handling, of automation responses and split variate testing, advanced segmentation analysis then MailChimp may well be your choice of email marketing tool. Using Chimpegration you are able to synchronize that data back into The Raiser’s Edge


But why not have the best of both worlds. Combine the ease of use of Online Express for donations, events and memberships and the sophistication of MailChimp combined with Chimpegration? A definite win-win.


If you are interested in finding out more about Chimpegration which is now available for NXT then get in touch. or read more about the product Chimpegration