What is Zeidman Development doing about The Raiser’s Edge NXT?

What is Zeidman Development doing about The Raiser’s Edge NXT?

– Nothing

Well nothing yet. We knew about a week before the “big announcement” that Blackbaud was going to announce something, um, well, big. It would be about the future of The Raiser’s Edge. It left us with this childish excitement. What would it be? Would it be Bluebird, would it be Common Ground (reincarnated), had Blackbaud bought another CRM system to make their own?

We knew it was going to be SAAS so that ruled out an application layer on top of MS Dynamics.

We had heard rumours that Bluebird had been scrapped and that the Infinity platform had been a great “experiment”. Did that mean the big announcement was not based on the Infinity platform? What about BBCRM and Altru as Infinity products?

Were Blackbaud going to build on top of Salesforce? They already had a wealth of experience on that platform but then they would lose the control.

Tuesday arrived and the day of the big announcement. Oh how there was a buzz around the office as we discussed and speculated.

Oh and how we were underwhelmed by the big announcement. We could not understand why Blackbaud would put together so much information telling us so little. We now know the name. We know that it is a SAAS product (wasn’t that always going to be the case?). And we know that we are going to find out more at BBCon.

We have waited at least ten years for an announcement about a replacement so we can wait a month longer.

However the The Raiser’s Edge NXT manifests itself, Zeidman Development will be there serving you, making your CRM experience more integrated and more complete, stretching the bounds of the original product to make it even better than intended.

Roll on BBCon…

This post first appeared on LinkedIn September 11th 2014