Greater Segmentation with MailChimp and Chimpegration

Chimpegration Professional allows users to see a constituent’s email activity.  It shows which emails they received, what they opened and which links they clicked on. Chimpegration, both free and Professional allows you to segment a list on MailChimp‘s by exporting constituents into specific groups. However there is no way currently in Chimpegration to segment based on this activity. Chimpegration gives you a view of the MailChimp activity. It does not bring the data over into The Raiser’s Edge so it is not possible to segment on this data.

However, now MailChimp have released a new product Goooal. You can use Goooal in combination with your existing MailChimp lists to help segment your constituents. Whenever a person clicks on a link you can setup Gooal to put that constituent into a specific segment. Once they are in a segment you can target them based on their previous visits. If your newsletter has links to information on different areas of your cause this is a perfect way to target those constituents who are interested.

Goooal is a free addition to MailChimp and compliments Chimpegration’s seamless integration with The Raiser’s Edge.