A New Raiser’s Edge Package released but no sign of RE on the Infinity platform

Fundraising UK are reporting that Blackbaud have released a new version of The Raiser’s Edge. This is clearly not the new version that very many people have been waiting for. It is not RE8 nor is it on the Infinity platform. It does appear to be useful however for those organisations that want an enhanced, internet aware version of The Raiser’s Edge. The Raiser’s Edge (i) as  it has being called (more details on Blackbaud’s site) is a new hosted package that incorporates a web presence as well as donor maintenance application.

As this new product has just been released, it is hard to imagine that Blackbaud will be announcing RE8 on the Infinity platform any time soon. Combine this with the fact that no major enhancements to The Raiser’s Edge version 7 application are expected, many organisations are surely feeling frustrated by Blackbaud’s apparent inertia. I have worked with Enterprise CRM and know how far advanced that application is from the existing version of The Raiser’s Edge. I have said on numerous times that it is worth wait and I still think it is. The question is how long will others hold out. An organisation that is thinking of upgrading functionality will not wait forever for Raiser’s Edge on Infinity and will certainly be tempted to look elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “A New Raiser’s Edge Package released but no sign of RE on the Infinity platform

  1. I had a chat with a Blackbaud guy at the Civil Society IT conference about RE on Infinity. He said they’re concentrating on their (effectively beta) customers and said it would be coming out next year. I take this in good faith from as sales rep and not a programmer promising to ship. It does sound reasonable though (even if slow).

  2. The overdue-ness of RE8 is becoming a big deal IMHO – as each year goes by without RE7 being replaced, it’s looking more and more dated and younger more web2.0 savvy fundraisers will be looking at Salesforce Foundation and licking their lips.

    It’s a big issue for Blackbaud, a really really big one

  3. Keith,

    I agree with you to a point. There is a dilemma that Blackbaud face. Bring in “The Raisers’s Edge 8” (or whatever it will eventually be called) too soon without the ease of use and smooth upgrade path that is required and you will alienate existing RE7 users who will likely look at alternatives. Wait too long and you will alienate existing RE7 users! There is a fine balance. Transitioning organisations from RE7 to Enterprise CRM has shown what a mammoth undertaking it can be and that is with larger organisations who have the resources (both in terms of money and users) to contribute to the transition to the Infinity platform.

    Blackbaud are wise to ensure that their next generation of products are just right.

    That being said don’t be surprised to see some enhancements to The Raiser’s Edge 7 coming soon. Blackbaud have realised the need to keep the existing user base happy too.

  4. More organisations I speak with are getting frustrated simply with the lack of news of the mythical RE8. No news on progress means that people fill the vacuum and are considering their options.

    I spoke with my account manager recently and he is hearing similar stories of customers seeing what else is out there and comparing this with what Blackbaud are offering, which at the moment is not enough.

  5. Peter,

    I hear your pain and frustration. There are many people in the same position as you.

    I have not heard any more but conference season is soon upon us. It may be a good time to get a hold of somebody higher up in the organisation and keep them in a room until they divulge what is going on…

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