2 thoughts on “Using meta data to copy records

  1. I do this by hand every month (export and then import). I think the only fields that need changing are gift id, import id, bank import id if standing order (link to bank on new constituent record). I’ve had trouble with payment type if it’s a recurring gift, so I just set to cash. Any notes need copying and relinking to the new gift too.

  2. In my particular example the new gift was going to appear on screen for review. What this meant was that for the bank id field if the bank does not exist on the new constituent’s record then it will be left blank and in the case of direct debits or standing orders the user would have to enter the value before being allowed to save the gift (or else change the payment method to a type that does not require the bank).

    You are correct that this could be done using import and export but the solution required that all gift fields, including notes, attributes, tributes, benefits, etc should be included. This could be done by import and export but to set up an automated process is much more efficient for larger numbers which need to be reviewed.

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