Off Topic – Praise for Evohosting

This is completely off topic but I want to shower my web hosting provider with praise. Why now? Well no particular reason other than I have been thinking about doing it for a while. When I lived in the States I had my website on one of the big providers. It was OK but when I ran into problems they could not fix it, they left me waiting and my site was down. It left a bit of a bad feeling.

I now have my website with Evohosting and have done for the past several years. The contrast could not be different. I am not quite sure how large they are but they give the impression of being very personal. In my previous hosting their emails would be signed off as “support staff” or something equally generic and impersonal. With Evohosting I know the names of those that contact me. Their response times to queries are always very fast and I have yet had a problem that they could not help solve. I am not sure about how much these things should cost but they have always struck me as being very competitively priced for the packages that they provide and certainly for the service that they offer.

In a world where people rant and have a go at bad service Evohosting is a refreshing change. Thanks